This technology is relevant to the ACE-TEC boards, which are boards made from a low-density polystyrene core, covered by a fibreglass coat with carbon fibre reinforcements. Resin is then applied to this fibre, and the whole mix undergoes a high-pressure thermoforming procedure in one single process. That gives optimum results from the materials, reducing weight and giving a performance equal to more expensive sandwich construction boards but with much better resistance to knocks than Epoxy Sandwich.

Techno 293 One Design : Stiffness, light weight and strength. Incorporates uni-directional carbon fibre reinforcements along the rails und under the footpad.

• Techno : Compromise weight/strength with glass fibre reinforcements at all the important points on the board.






1- UD glass 160gr
2- Cellular structure + Glass fiber 50gr
3- Polystyrene core 20 gr/l
4- ASA sheet 0.8mm
5- UD glass 200gr
6- UD Carbon (T293 OD only)



Rigidity and weight very close to epoxy/sandwich construction, with vastly superior resistance to knocks. Ideal for all skill levels of freeride leisure sailing. The Techno 293 OD benefits from carbon fibre reinforcements under the foot strap area.