Learn & progress


These boards have been designed specifically for learning to windsurf and progress towards funboarding in the best of conditions. With their comfortable volume and wide deck area, these are great boards for making your first runs and starting to have fun from day 1. They are made using the thermoformed composite technology and are as a result much lighter than those of the competition. The deck is covered in EVA foam for extra grip and comfort. Nova boards have a retractable daggerboard to help return back to shore safely. The multiple footstrap positions placed quite forward on the board make it easy for all levels of rider to learn funboarding and jibes. Their short length means they’re highly manoeuvrable and still have great speed when the wind fills in and they start planing, giving you the excitement of full-on funboarding!



The Beach boards have been designed with sailing schools in mind, to offer them strong, practical and modern
equipment. They are made using the technology already applied to BIC Sport kayaks and surfboards: the outer skin is in polyethylene, the same as that of BIC Sport kayaks, whose solidity is well-known, and the core of the boards is made of the same high-density polyurethane foam that is also inside the BIC ACS surfboards. Both Beach boards offer particularly good stability as well as being easy to handle, so that beginners can start to learn various moves. A new EVA foam pad, very hard-wearing, comfortable and anti-skid covers the deck. Both boards come with a retractable daggerboard that is solid and easy to handle.



Particularly long and specifically shaped for multi-purpose navigation, the BIC SUP Wind boards offer the advantage of being able to double-up as windsurf boards in light wind conditions. Their large volume and width make them also suitable for beginners. The 11’6 and 10’6 BIC SUP Wind boards offer therefore the extra appeal of a dual-program.