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10'6 ACE-TEC SUP Wind

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The 10'6'' ACE-TEC Wind is a stable, dependable and highly versatile SUP which features a mastfoot box for mounting a windsurf rig. Designed as an allround performer for novice riders up to 180lbs/80kg the 10'6 Wind also works great as a performance surf-SUP for riders up to 220lbs/100kg.


Featuring even volume distribution, confidence-inspiring width, a refined rocker profile for surf performance as well as flatwater glide. An excellent windsurf board for beginners on flatwater as well as more advanced windsurfers in waves. New ERGO-GRIP carry handle = Easier Transport + Less Fatigue!


SUP is great on calm days, but when the wind picks up most people put the paddle down. Not so with the WIND series of paddleboards, designed to keep you out on the water on windy days with features that convert your paddleboard to a windsurfer. There are three boards to choose from in the WIND series: 10’6 & 11’6 Performer (based on our best-selling Performer models) and the 10’6 SUP AIR.




Sail NOVA 6.0m2 SUP


Rig package NOVA 6.0m2 SUP




BIC Sport has a complete range of quality accessories specially made for your SUP Wind boards. For the list of accessory parts available, click on the titles:

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Data specs

10'6" / 320 cm
31.5" / 80 cm
29 lbs / 13.5 Kg
185 L
Fin set-up
FCS Dolphin 10" + FCS M5
Peter Hosking


ACE-TEC is a light composite that gives the board excellent stiffness and the best of glide on the water, at an affordable price. This technology which is exclusive to BIC Sport allows for the original shape to be reproduced faithfully on all production boards. ACE-TEC provides a huge advantage over polyester and epoxy sandwich: it is its excellent resistance to shocks, provided by its fine coating skin made out of polymer materials that protect it. A shock against a rock will leave just the slightest of marks on the skin of an ACE-TEC SUP board, whereas it would certainly leave a hole in a polyester or epoxy sandwich board.



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