2013 Techno 293 season

Vidéo of the 2013 T294 season


2012 Techno 293

European championships 2012

2011 World Championships SF

Video of the 2011 world champioships

in San Francisco


2010 US National Championship

Anmerican T293 OD Championship






T293 OD - La Rochelle 2008

Video of the competition in

La Rochelle (France) in 2008.




What is Techno 293 One Design

View of the Techno 293 One Design class




T293 Set up

Video of the set up of the

T293 One Design


How to tune ...

Video demonstration to tune

the T293 One Design

Set Up & Technique






T293OD Slide show - The strongest windsurfing class





More videos here....