In the face of the goldrush towards elitist boards and the seemingly endless models that have appeared since the year 2000, all supplied by manufacturing in the Far East, BIC Sport has opted to do things very differently, concentrating efforts on a more limited range of products, investing heavily in establishing monotype/formula competitions, and by keeping manufacturing base in France, enabling to respond rapidly to the sport’s even more rapidly changing trends, using unique and highly efficient production facility.

The 2015 Windsurf Collection comprises 3 different board series, concentrating on a more limited number of models in each :

• The Techno range is aimed at riders looking for high performance funboard/freeride boards with or without daggerboards. They embody the BIC concept of bringing easy enjoyment in windsurfing and funboarding to the masses

• With the Beach series, you’ll find the unrivalled strength and solidity of polyethylene construction, combined with imaginative modern shapes, at a price that will suit sailing schools and clubs, and families/friends looking for a robust, durable board to get out for some simple fun on the water.

• SUP is the most recent arrival in the BIC Windsurf range. Our two SUP Wind models are the obvious «missing-link» between windsurf and the new paddle sport that is making such a big impact. The 11’6 has been a huge success with families and clubs looking for a quality all purpose board: great for SUP, great for windsurfing.

As for competition activity, BIC Sport has been steering a very different course from its market rivals lately. After winning numerous World Championship titles around and after the year 2000, BIC has turned its attention to establishing monotype competitions, alongside the development of the Techno 293 One Design as the worldwide official competition race board for juniors. This has made Techno 293 OD the most dynamic race class in the world today and a true windsurfing phenomenon.

Learn fast, progress easily, get into regattas and racing, spend time having fun on the water ! The BIC Sport vision of windsurfing is one of the most exciting and affordable way of getting yourself under sail, as long as we keep the whole thing simple.
We wish you some unforgettable sessions in 2015 !