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Two rounds of racing completed in each class

The wind may well have been showing its strength the last few days, blasting at more then 100kph, but it was a flat glassy sea, like a lake, that the competitors woke up to this wednesday for the Techno 293 OD World Championships at Martigues.
Too light, there was never enough wind for the committee to start racing, so it was a long day of waiting around for action.
Around 4.30,the wind starts to raise itself, but there are a few abandonned races to endure before competition really gets going with 10 - 15 knots of wind ruffling the spot.
With so many competitors, everyone has to patiently wait their turn, with some of the fleets divided in two, to try and give everyone a chance to race in reasonable conditions.
So it was as night fell that the last of the riders managed to get off the water, with two rounds of racing completed in each class. But with so many races run and one or two race protests still to adjudicate, the day's results are not yet available.

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