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The Hong Kong Open, 21-27 Sept 2010

The Hong Kong Open, 21-27 Sept 2010

Since its establishment in 1983, the Hong Kong Open has evolved into one of the major Asian tournaments of the Windsurfing calendar. The Hong Kong Open has  excited a great deal of interest in the sport as well as providing a platform for local windsurfers to compete with other top windsurfers from other countries and improve their racing skill.

This year, Hong Kong Open 2010 fell on 21-27 September. Techno 293 OD was one of the importance classes, dividing into Men, Women, Junior Boys and Girls for riders aged under 17, as well as Minim Boys and Girls for riders aged under 15.



THA 20 won the Champion out of 42 participants in Techno 293 Men class; HKG 25 and HKG 54 came as the 1st runner-up and 2nd runner up.

THA 57 won out of the 18 in Women class; HKG 30 and THA 75 were the 1st runner-up and 2nd-runner up.

54 riders participated in Junior class. HKG 25, HKG 54 and HKG 87 were on the first three places out of 37 in the class of Junior Boys; THA 54, HKG 30 and THA 59 won out of 17 in the Junior Girls class.

34 riders came up for competition in Minim class. HKG 87 was the Champion; HKG 91 and HKG 61 were in second place and third place respectively.